RE-PLAY Stop-Motion Animation Contest

The theme of this contest is “Re-Living the City”. In the form of Stop-Motion Animation, we hope that Shenzhen, the young city, be recorded and displayed away from old labels and regain a newlife. The word ‘RE-Play’ means “playback”, or ‘things appearing repeatedly’, or literally ‘play again’. However, ‘RE-Play’ IS NOT simple repetition. This time, we want something new to play, that is, Stop-Motion Animation. When we were little children, we used to draw patterns on each page of a notebook and flip them rapidly to watch simple “cartoons”. This is in fact the prototype of animation, and the principle of stop-motion animation.

There are three ways to make stop-motion animation: professional camera, mobile phone and panting. This time, we pick MOBILE PHONE as the main filming facility, because it is the easiest and most accessible tools for most people. Facilities are just vehicles for expression, what we care more are your creativity and ideas, rather than techniques and facilities.



The activity consists of two forms: the video contest, and the workshop. They can complement each other and combine online with offline activities. The combination would attract more people to know and participate in the activity, mean while display the origin of the city with creative and interesting ways.

Theme:Re-Living the City

We want to record the young city with stop-motion animation, to create a new image of the city and get rid of the old stereotype. Stop-motion animation is a classic form of artistic expression, with the development of technology, it derives many new patterns. With only a cell phone, the pictures could move, and the whole city as well.

The contest would collect the videography works of “Re-Living the City” stop-motion animation, these entries would be reviewed and evaluated by experts (or voted by public judges), the activity sponsors and ordinary citizens.


Urbansim Group:Videos participating in this group should be themed on “RE-Living the City” and able to demonstrate the cultural characteristic of Shenzhen with great creativity and imagination.

Landscape Group:Also themed on “RE-Living the City”, videos participating in this group should focus on the landscapes and architectures which can represent the original Shenzhen in your mind. All the landscapes and architectures involved in your video should locate in Shenzhen.



10000 RMB ( Prize Winner: 1 person/team )

Duration:1st Nov.– 21st Nov.

Standard for Evaluation:Professional Judge (70%) + Public Judge (30%)


RE-PLAY the City Award

2500RMB (1 Prizes for each group)

Duration:15th Oct. – 21st Nov.

Standard for Evaluation:Professional Judge (30%) + Public Judge (70%)

About Re-Living the City

The city is a huge synthesis and it’s changing every moment. New building being constructed and old city being removed, babies crying, trains arriving and planes departing, the city is advancing all the time, and embracing everything.Re-Living the City, means literally the starting point of the city. It is the starting point of the city space, and the central point of city coordinate, an important point in historic development which is the connecting link between the past and the future.

The theme of Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture is “RE-Living the city”. Shenzhen, as a young and energetic city, does not have a generally acknowledged origin.




 Here is the link to download the application form:  (press release)


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