2015UABB Preface&Participants List

 Re-Living the City

It is time to re-live the city. In the last three decades, Shenzhen and many cities like it around the world have grown at a rate that we could not have imagined. Now it is time to make these places not just bigger, but better. They need to be more sustainable, comfortable, open to change and adaptation, and more beautiful. This Biennale offers both examples from all around the world and visions for the Pearl River Delta that show us how we can re-imagine, re-present, re-use, and re-live the city.

We certainly have enough buildings already. We continue to build more, using up un-renewable natural resources and open space that belongs to us all, when we should be figuring out how to make better use of what we already have. This Biennale shows us that the best tactics to make our urban environment better are those that start from what is there. They are based on gathering together what we have already made, not just planning abstract grids in which we all have to live, work, and play.

Many of the forms and images you will see here are familiar, and many of the ideas are small and some are even temporary. This is architecture and urbanism that starts from what we have and a realization of our scare resources to make what we need. It uses new technologies, but combines them with craft and memories. It is an architecture created by people collectively, and for the variety of different social and economic groups that make up the city today. Ranging from tactical urbanism to collage architecture, and from proposals for the Pearl River Delta to ways to use the internet to change neighborhoods, this Biennale shows a future for Shenzhen and other cities that might be not so glittering and new, but more collective and livable. 

Aaron Betsky

Alfredo Brillembourg

Hubert Klumpner

Doreen Heng Liu

Main Venue Curator Team

Aaron Betsky  Curator

Hubert Klumpner  Curator

Alfredo Brillembourg  Curator

Doreen Heng Liu  Curator

Renny Ramarker  Co-Curator

Benjamin Ward  Co-Curator

Jason Hilgefort & Merve Bedir  Co-Curator of Aformal Academy


Project Management

LIU Si  Project Manager

YIN Yujun  Production Manager

Andres Ruiz Andrade  Production Manager / Radical Urbanism

Jose Lopez Castrezana  Exhibition Coordinator / Radical Urbanism


Main Venue Participants

Collage City 3D

Curated by Aaron Betsky

Dennis Maher

Feng Feng + FEI Architect

Francesco Delogu, Maria Cristina Finucci

Heidelberg Project

Hood Design

Jimenez Lai


Lukas Feireiss, Thomas Tsang

Rob Voerman

Studio Makkink Bey

SuperUse Studios



PRD 2.0

Curated by Doreen Heng Liu

CAI Zhen / ZHU Rongyuan  China Academy Of Urban Planning &

Design / Shenzhen

FENG Yuan  Zhongshan University

Laurent Gutierrez / Valerie Portefaix  MAP Office

SIMA Xiao / HUANG Weidong / Shenzhen Planning Institutes

Joshua Bolchover / John Lin  Rural Urban Framework

LIU Xiaodu / MENG Yan Urbanus

Ljubo Georgiev / Merce Bedir /

Hristo Srankushev / Jason Hilgefort  SEN Team

MA Yansong  MAD Office

Philip YUAN  Archi-Union

Sook Hee Chun, Young Jang  WISE Architecture

Emanuel Christ & Christoph Gantenbein  ETH Zurich

Du Juan  University of Hong Kong

Handshake 302

Margaret Crawford, Max Hirsh, Dorothy Tang  UC Berkeley, University

of Hong Kong

Jeffrey Johnson, Stephen Chou, Jiteng Yang  Asia Megacities Lab,

Studio-X Beijing, GSAPP, Columbia University, US

Zini Sugar Refinery, TAN Hongyu

Linda Vlassenrood  International New Town Institute

Mirrored Garden Research Team

Thomas Chung  The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Charlie Koolhaas  Photo essay


Radical Urbanism

Curated by Alfredo Brillembourg, Hubert Klumpner

Agency Architecture

Alexander Eisenschmidt  Visionary Cities Project

Anna Heringer, Martin Rauch, MU Jun  ETH, Xi'an University of

Architecture and Technology, China

Atelier Hitoshi Abe  In collaboration with Masashige Motoe, WOW,

and The Laboratory at Tohoku University

Crimson Architectural Historians

Ecosistema Urbano

Forensic Architecture

Heinrich Wolff, Ant Vervoort  Wolff Architects

Georgeen Theodore  Interboro

Center for Spatial Research

Manuel Herz

Marc Angélil

MAS Urban Design Program  ETH Zürich

Muck Petzet Architekten

Rahul Mehrotra, Felipe Vera, Diego Pinochet

Santiago Cirugeda

Teddy Cruz and Fonna Forman with Matthias Görlich and Alejandro Echeverri

Neil Brenner, Christian Schmid, Milica Topalovic  Harvard GSD, ETH

Iwan Baan  Photo essay


Radical Urbanism Advisors

Justin McGuirk, Design Museum London

Lydia Kallipoliti, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with Meg Studer and

Kyong Kim, with assistance from Royd Zhang and Ellen Wong

Pedro Gadanho, Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology  MAAT


Social City

Curator: Renny Ramakers

Assistant Curator: Suki de Boer

Contributors: Installations Hong Kong and Shenzhen, Mark van der

Net (OSCity) Jan RothuizenStudents of Design Academy Eindhoven

and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (supervised by Ester van

de Wiel, Imme van der Haak, Fanny Hofstra)


Maker Maker

Curated by Benjamin Ward

Ben Chang, Sylvia Ruzanka & Young Suk Lee


British Council


Chris Bathgate

Curtis Anthony Parlaitin


Ifeanyi Oganwu

Marina Fomenko

Nick Puckett

Philip Ross

Jeff Ding  Shenzhen Fab Lab International

Stephen Burks

Sung Jang Laboratory


Thing Thing

Yoshihito Mizuuchi



Pavilions (National, Regional, and Thematic)

Cultural Affairs Bureau of Macao SAR Government, Architects

Association of Macau, Macau Urban Planning Institute, and Center for

Architecture and Urbanism (CURB), Macau, Nuno Soares.

Museum of Finnish Architecture, Architecture Information Center

Finland, and the Helsinki City Planning Department.

New Horizon architecture from Ireland, Irish Design 2015

Union of Architects of Russia

Harbin Institute of Technology, China;

Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia; Zurich University of

the Arts, Switzerland.

Bureau Europa, Netherlands, Saskia van Stein;

with Institute of Relevant Studies, Netherlands, Agata Jaworska and

Giovanni Innella.

Media Design Practices, Art Center College of Design, US, Tim

Durfee and Mimi Zeiger.

The Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), UK, Brendan Cormier &

Luisa E. Mengoni

Urbanista, U.K., Lucy Bullivant

Shenzhen Institute of Interior Design, Su Dan


T + A Architecture, Urbanus

Collective Exhibition of Chinese Young Architects, Projective

Architecture Office, Yin Yujun

Miralles Tagliabue EMBT, Miralles Tagliabue EMBT and Enric Miralles

Foundation travelling from Barcelona to Grand Paris.


UABB School

Aformal.Academy - RE: Learning The City  academic and professional


Curated by Jason Hilgefort and Merve Bedir



Siegrun Appelt

Kristof Crolla  Laboratory for Explorative Architecture & Design

(LEAD), Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)


Sub-Venue Curatorial Team

YANG Yong  Sub-Venue Overall Planning / Curator

See You Tomorrow  Curator / Documentary Shooting Special Unit 



Wenge Zhao

Yanbin Guo

Lu Fang (Beijing)

Huifan Liu

Jeremie (France)

Victor Zhu 

Nicole Lin 

Zhiwei Bai

Chunru Deng

Bin Liu

Haichuan Wang (Chongqing)

Liao Li

Yu Xiao (Beijng)

Stefan Bassing (UK)

Minimaforms (US)

Weihang Chen

Yanshi Wang (Beijing)

Ganggang Bai (Guangzhou)

Tan Xv (NewYork & Guangzhou)

Jianjun Chen (Chengdu)

Minghao Cao (Chengdu)

Yuhan Tang (Beijing)

Rongqiang Li (Beijing)

Zhao Wang

Jia Li

Meng Zhang (Tianjin)

Ruoyun Yang

Mushu Zhuang (Beijing)

Lihua Su

Matt Hope  (Beijing)

Qian Ren (Chongqing)

Fancheng Fei (NewYork)

Hang Zhao

Ruiqiang Sun

Wei Wang

Baucan (CA)

Xiaobing Chen

Jingzhi Deng

Junliang Dong

Liang Gao

Yuan Huang

Weimin Li

Jie Wen

Lihua Zhang

Yihong Wu

Shihong Xie

Jingnan Xu



Li Zhou

Ke Liu

Qi Fang

Artists of Huang Bian Station: (Guangzhou)

Hui Cai

Jianlin Zhu

Tianming Wu

Dandizi Chen

Zhijie Lai

Xiye Luo

Shan Lu

Jiaping Zhang

Yixiu Fang

Zhongyang Li

Yutong Zou

Shaoming Hu

Junyan He


CU Alliance


Yi Bang Arts Studio




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